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Convexity accelerator aims to foster the growth of community passionate about the contribution of blockchain technology in Nigeria digital transformation. We are poised to uncovering and helping individuals/companies with bankable ideas to bring their ideas/products to life.


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Sometimes, charities and non-profits organisations do not have the technology to meet the eager donors nor are they able to support corporate them. CHATS is a solution built on Blockchain technology that gives people access to local projects and lets charities seamlessly receive donations with transparency.


CNGN is a wrapped Central Bank Digital Currency(CBDC) that aims to bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency in Africa. Without compromising the features of cryptocurrency such as staking and holding


Mojacard helps to share contact and portfolio seamlessly, thus eradicating the tedious process of paper and pen. From name to social media account and email address, everything is shared with just a tap on the phone.

Flint API is a multi-chain NFT Api for game developers to integrate NFT
into games for gamers.

Sonergy is blockchain enabled platform that helps firms connect with markets and researchers so they may acquire insightful data that will help them inform their business plans.


Aeropaye Smart contracts speed up the time-consuming process of adjudicating traveller refund claims, saving airlines money and eliminating the need for travellers to fill out paperwork and chase down the travel fare fund

Dexfit is a cryptocurrency exchange that has cross-border remittance achieved with multi-geological ecosystem enabled. A complete new mechanism designed for scalability, liquidity and more.

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